Sproutie receives vote of confidence from Plutus VC

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Sproutie receives investment from Plutus VC

Plutus VC, an approximate 500M USD fund based in Shanghai and one of the biggest Venture Capital in the crypto space, has given Sproutie’s it’s vote of confidence by investing into the NFT Game. 

Plutus VC is a Next Generation Venture Fund, led by Calvin Ng, a serial entrepreneur and angel investor with many successes and achievements on his belt (Digital Hollywood 2017: HKE2022 / Retech 2017: ASX:RTE / Citic Telecom 2007: HKE1883 / THE9 2004: NCTY). Back in 2000 Calvin master-minded the control of more than 90% of cyber cafes in Malaysia and is the only Company that partners with all the major PC games publishers worldwide. A former veteran in the promotional advertising industry, Calvin had won numerous awards and tenders from top international client for 4 years straight (Triumph International and Public Bank). During the Daytona USA craze back in 1994, Calvin took a video game company from USD 5 million in sales to USD 50 million within just 1 year.

Plutus VC focuses on investing into Ecommerce, Mobile Technology, Gaming Play, Big Tech and many more and Sproutie is honoured and humbled to receive this mark of endorsement from one of the crypto space’s most veteran venture capital.

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