Venture Capital apes in on Sproutie NFT GameFi craze

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3 VCs buy into Sproutie’s gaming and economics model, 20 more VCs expected to follow

Venture Capital Funding for Cryptocurrency Companies has been surging for the year 2021. It has risen drastically compared to any other year. However, this has been partly driven by the investing arms of large blockchain companies that are already in the cryptocurrency industry

Presently, 2021 has seen surging amounts of a large influx of investments into the cryptocurrency space. Venture Capitalists have a whopping $27 billion globally invested in new cryptocurrency start-ups as of end November. The team of Sproutie is proud to announce that Rogue Digital Ventures, New Era Capital and Hinterland Capital, has joined the bandwagon and invested in Sproutie. The world 1st Metaverse Nfting gaming based on real world economy.



Rogue Digital Ventures – A humble VC that invests their funds to propel promising Metaverse projects and blockchain protocols of tomorrow. Founders with countless amount of years totalling in the cryptocurrency space and with advisers from successful projects, RougeDV helps to jumpstart projects by providing resources both monetary and manpower based.

New Era Capital – A private equity family office focused on key growth in specific sectors in Asia, with a particular focus in growth areas such as medical, key technologies, agriculture and blockchain. 

Hinterland Capital – A large family office asset management firm that focuses on finding new hinterlands for their esteemed clients. With over 3568 projects invested and over 7859 satisfied clients, Hinterland undoubtedly is one of the niche asset management firms in the financial sector. 

The above VCs are the confirmed venture capital firms who have bought into Sproutie’s economic model and business model. The team is currently speaking to 20 over VCs and 15 are into late stage discussions. More will be unveiled as the investments come in. 

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